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MERKA SPEDITION, s.r.o. has been providing the services in the field of the international forwarding and  logistics since 1991. Throughout its existence it has successfully aspired  to become a trustworthy business partner for customers using freight forwarding and logistic services for their foreign and domestic business activities.

Ever since 1991 we have been 100% Czech owned company

Merka Spedition, Hradec Králové
We are the Czech company without any foreign capital building on know-how, experience and  reliability. We have been existing in spite of imperfect economic and legal environment (in the beginning) and redundant still inefficient state administration for 30 yars. We have experienced beginnings of the stormy development without a corresponding regulations level; on the other hand we have been recently overburdened with sharply growing administration requirements and bureaucracy.
We have adjusted our activity to the split up of Czechoslovakia in  1993 and the Czech accession to the E.U. in  2004. We have experienced market fluctuations from deep recession to the massive boom and regardless of external conditions we have been striving for the economic stability with the same number of employees. We therefore - with our microscopic share - contribute to the economy stabilization - unlike subsidiaries of multinational giants, which exploit our labour market with the support of public sources at good times  to fire employees later (again with the support of public sources) at the time of the recession.
Currently, we have been facing consequences resulting from the overheated market and the related labour market crisis as well as the payroll boom, we have been witnessing all over around us. We have been often witnessing the deteriorating working morals being in a sharp contrast with growing requirements supported both by media and politically. We have been awaiting the economy cooling down  wishing that it occurs  as soon as possible - therefore with lower negative impacts.

We have been doing business without any subsidies and ISO certificate

We have not been using any state or so-called European subsidies - we refuse to participate in the system of public subsidies to the private sector. We believe that everyone should manage with his own resources and  that subsidies into the private sector deform the market, prioritize subsidy beneficiaries at the expense of others, deteriorate the competition and  consume a significant part of labour for their administration. We do not identify with the massive and growing inefficient redistribution of resources by the state and E.U bodies.
We do not have ISO certificates, as we are convinced that we are able to attain a sufficient management system using our own forces without engaging agencies, which have based this their business on this issue. In addition we have noted fundamental system failures with some bearers of the ISO certificates,, which would be absolutely unacceptable in our company


We care about the environment cultivation and value priorities

We have been trying to contribute to the cultivation of the environment (not only) on the forwarding market, as we have been witnessing growing non-professional and unfair behaviour of a number of its participants. We appreciate our employees and their work. We have been trying to be fair to them throughout our existence. We have been encouraging them to the fair approach to our business partners based on high professional level. On a basis of this we have been building long term business relationships with our customers.

Our registered office

The company registered office - Hradec Králové - has a great location for a number of customers both from the point of view of small distance - 100 km north-east - from Prague with the direct motorway connection and on the way to Poland and Slovakia (and further to East). At the same time the location of the company registered office allows customersto distribute consignments throughout the Czech Republic centrally.

Our strengths include

  • the long-term experience in the field
  • flexibility
  • Tailor made adjustments according to the customer wishes
  • Language skills
  • the ability to provide services either completely or partially  depending on customer wishes
We are here for you
from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
+420 498 779 111
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