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Liability insurance for the Intrastat agenda

  • This insurance coverage covers losses resulting from the erroneously reported INTRASTAT
  • It provides our customers with the security that the risks related to the activities, we perform on their behalf are non-transferable to them
  • Therefore the customer has higher security of  covering the risks related to the by maintaining the INTRASTAT agenda, than if he himself reported the agenda

Combined liability insurance of the carrier and forwarder

  • It is the insurance covering both the liability insurance of the forwarder and the carrier
  • Our company is insured by this combined insurance in the sufficient amount
  • We therefore provide our customers with higher insurance indemnification for cases when it is not clear whether the entity providing the transport is formally in the position of forwarder or carrier

Foreign carrier liability insurance

  • The insurance company herewith covers the liability of the carrier for a case that the vehicle of our carrier was insured insufficiently or was not insured at all
  • In spite of the fact that the vehicles of our carriers are sufficiently insured, our insurance of a third party carrier actually excludes any related risks

Carrier liability insurance

  • It is the liability (rather than property) insurance of the carrier
  • The insurance premium is included in the  transport price
  • According to the CMR Convention the liability of the road transport is limited to the amount of 8,33 XDR / 1 kg transported consignment, by the insufficiency of its package or improper storage of the consignment by the sender
  • With the airrailway or of maritime carriers the limit of their liability is governed by special regulations
  • For higher security of customers we will arrange the property consignment insurance covering risks, which are not included in the liability insurance of the carrier 
  • Vehicles of carriers we use either always have sufficient insurance coverage of the carrier or, this insurance is covered by our insurance policy

Forwarder liability insurance

  • Liability insurances covering the risks resulting from our activity
  • It covers losses caused by the forwarder due to his failure upon the transport arrangement
  • The customer has the security that if we cause a loss to him by our own activity, this loss will be covered by the insurance company to him

Consignment insurance

  • Insurance of consignments or also goods insurance or cargo insurance
  • It is the property rather than liability insurance against all so called other risks (war, natural disasters, thefts, ship sinking etc.)
  • This insurance is not included in the transport price and we arrange it pursuant to the prior agreement with the customer for a pre-agreed contractual price
  • It is usually used with containerairrailway or combined transports or even with road transports with the price over the liability limit of the carrier according to CMR
  • The transport is subject to arranging this insurance to risk areas

We are here for you
from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
+420 498 779 111
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