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Our strengths

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We provide a complex set of forwarding and logistics services

We focus on customers, who require complex forwarding services – i.e. from the transportation to warehousing of the consignment  (or its part) till its customs clearance, including the guarantee of a customs debt (with consignments outside the E.U.) or reporting the INTRASTAT agenda (with consignments within the E.U.) and the final distribution to the customer. We are ready to become active participants of the implementation of both foreign and domestic business activities of the customer and we will adjust the forwarding service provided by us to his needs (for more information see Services). Our activity is not limited by borders of the states, therefore our business partners include companies both from the Czech Republic and  whole Europe. We also cooperate with non-European business partners.

We have had over 30-year experience being active in the forwarding market

During most than 3 decades of our existence we have gained lots of experience, which brings us to the maximum responsibility when providing our services.
We have solved a number of difficult situations - from stolen trucks with goods to the political and economic turbulences from the crisis to the economic boom, from the shortage of business opportunities from the shortage or business opportunities to the shortage of labour related to the redundancy of business opportunities, from the economic environment of the independent state through its split up and the interrelated economy  within the E.U., from over 20% inflation rate to the zero or even negative (so called deflation) inflation rate.
Overcoming all related problems has strengthened our ability to respond flexibly and to use our long-term experience to anticipate and minimize risks. 

We follow rules and traditional procedures with no need for any marketing embellishment

In our activity we take use of traditional procedures without any marketing embellishments. We try to satisfy basic needs of our customers without disguising the nature of services performed by us by all the new concepts and purposeless pseudo-systems without any added value.

We have been actively dealing with the security of consignments in the transport

At the same time we work actively in the field of increasing the safety as the frequency of frauds in the forwarding business does not drop significantly and fraud methods have undergone a development. 
We are the founder and active participant of the working group for safety in the transport of the Union of forwarding and logistics of the Czech Republic. We apply strict – in terms of time, staff - and therefore also costly – safety measures within our corporate procedures. Based on our own negative experience from the past we implement the system of precautions allowing for a significant reduction of security risk with transporting consignments of our customers. We have been collaborating with everyone, who does not underrate the importance of safety.
We are here for you
from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
+420 498 779 111
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